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That fact is something I truly dislike about Index. Being a campione is like cheating but it in fact make Godou's life logical and understandable. He is important, powerful and inexperience and yet no human nor organization dare to lay a finger on him (except for one complete idiot who was already crushed by the [Boar]). It is because he is a campione, a being of power who born to hunt celestial beings and no matter how many of them gathered, human can never win against a [King]. And almost in every volumes, Godou experiences death at least once. For instance, in the fight against Melqart, after being struck by Melqart's clubs of wind and lightning, he was fried alive, his bones was broken and his organs was dissolved. But only after a sleep, he was revived completely by the power of the [Ram]. It is not considered deus ex machina because the [Ram] is his very basic ability, not something was made half way for the sake of the story.
And actually, Touma is the most special one with his Imagin Breaker. There are 7 campiones but only 1 Touma. But the fact Touma is still a human with a mudane body is really weird to me. He has a lot of enemies and organizations targeting his life. Why didn't anyone try to kill hime for real. Snipping, poisoning, stabbing him with a kitchen or even threatening him using his family or friends will work as well... I don't think he can use his right hand to deal with them...
Spoiler for off-topic To aru response:

I will agree that Godou's life basically makes sense. He can do the "everyday life" thing because no one can tell him not to. Except gods and campione, who he ends up fighting anyway.
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