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Originally Posted by Judoh View Post
It's like they introduced a checker piece on the chess board and said "since this piece is from outside the board it can move anywhere, make any number of moves during a turn, check any piece it wants, and it doesn't break any of the rules because it's not a chess piece.".
That is such a perfect description about Erika.
However I have to add something. Even for arc 1-2-3-4 pieces actions doesn't make necessarily realistic sense. I'm going to use an arc 6 example to prove my point.

Battler found a realistic and possible way to reset the chainlock from outside with the hanger thing. However he ultimately couldn't do it, because there is a rule against it. In a larger sense, the very idea that "character x" cannot do "action x" because of "knox x" is proof enough IMO that the character's actions doesn't make realistic sense. No person in their right mind would consider "red rules" and "knox rules" when making any actions at any times in their life.

Now if pieces are restricted from doing things that a person could normally do because of additional rules, I do not think it's unfair to have them doing things that normally no one can do. Possibly the best example is this : No matter what the culprit never failed so far. At the very least was never caught in the act. That's very unrealistic in itself.
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