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Originally Posted by musouka View Post
Sorry, but, I have to say that this is the only thing that makes sense, since the pieces aren't aware of the red. Haven't you ever noticed that the red describes what a piece did, as opposed to what they will do? Beato never says "And now Shannon will leave the mansion and go to the guest house!"
First, I won't bother to try to explain that any fiction doesn't make perfect realistic sense fundamentally.

Second, pieces not being aware of red/meta rules is suggesting that they are pieces. When you control a videogame character, said character is not aware they're being controlled. Any character in any story is never aware that the writer controls their actions, thought and feelings, even in the breaking the 4th wall case where the characters are made to say they are aware of it.

Edit : Do not make up arguments that I never made please. I never suggested a character follows red in that way.
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