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Originally Posted by Moogleking View Post
The problem is the only way you can really solve the mystery is by figuring out what people's motives are. If you attribute their motives to "They're in a story so the author made them act that way this time" then you might as well give up. You can explain nothing.

Whenever you start looking at any of the problems in the game "Why was Battler still in his room in ep6 after he faked death?" for example, you can counter it by saying "It is part of the game, so the actual person in the story doesn't really have a reason."

It doesn't help you solve the mystery at all. Instead, you only eliminate things that would have helped you reason about the people and the environment.

Unless you take each game as a series of real events, taken by real people with real motivations, hidden by the deception of the meta-world, the game is completely unsolvable.
Well, no one said anything about giving up. And I don't subscribe exactly to the idea that EP6 is useless. Neither does the idea that something is fictional means that it's all useless. See the Author Theory + the Historical Method theory in my signature.

But wait a second... are you saying that a detective novel must actually have been a real event for it to be solvable? That's absurd. I mean.. the last time I read a Sherlock Holmes novel, I *know* it's fictional AND I know it's solvable.

A good author can author a story where the characters and events are believable. You don't need everything to be reality.

EDIT: In fact, rather than fiction, it is reality that can make a particular story unsolvable. Try the case of Jack the Ripper, for example
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