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Originally Posted by Kylon99 View Post
Well, no one said anything about giving up. And I don't subscribe exactly to the idea that EP6 is useless. Neither does the idea that something is fictional means that it's all useless. See the Author Theory + the Historical Method theory in my signature.

But wait a second... are you saying that a detective novel must actually have been a real event for it to be solvable? That's absurd. I mean.. the last time I read a Sherlock Holmes novel, I *know* it's fictional AND I know it's solvable.

A good author can author a story where the characters and events are believable. You don't need everything to be reality.

EDIT: In fact, rather than fiction, it is reality that can make a particular story unsolvable. Try the case of Jack the Ripper, for example
You seem to be taking what I said slightly out of context. The detective novel must be based in a world where events and characters are real and their motivations are real. Everything must be presented as if it were real within the world of the story. In Umineko though, you have things outside of the story (gameboard) trying to deceive you about the events going on in it. People here are arguing, for example, that episode 6 doesn't have to make sense because it isn't really real. They're being deceived by the magic scenes into thinking that the characters and story don't have to make sense. If you believe that, you've lost Umineko.
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