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I have vol.20, 21 and 22 in my hand to check on this. Yes. Only the identity has been switched. And it is Gabriel's mind that is the body.

The explanation is on pg.169-170 of vol.20, but not a single word from Fiamma stated it is Michael's consciousness inside Misha. He only stated their roles has been swap. It is the body of Telesma that has been swapped the element, not the inside.

If not, when the element was finally returned to normal by vol.22, Gabriel won't be flying to Arctic Ocean to absorb ocean to reconstruct herself. If it is really Michael in that vessel, the angel will be flying to an volcano to absorb fire to reconstruct a proper body.
Fiamma stated there:
P1) The angel that descended during Angel Fall, the 'Power of God', called itself Misha.
P2) However, Misha is not one of Gabriel's names. Misha is one of Michael's names.
P3) Angel's names cannot be swapped, since the name describes their Role as God has ordered.

Therefore, Fiamma came to the conclusion during Angel Fall the angel with the 'Power of God' and controls over Water was the one that fell, but the consciousness behind it is Michael.

EDIT: At the end of Vol22 Gabriel retook control of its body, since what caused the switch was completely erased by Fiamma's ritual with the Golden Sky. That's why it took the North Pole's ice.

Besides, even if it's Michael still there, it's still GABRIEL's body and abilities... so it'd still go for the ice >.>
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