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Because it's not ALL about Kirito, not everyone exist solely as a stepping stone for him.
It may be worth conceding that, in the first arc (at least of the anime), this basically was Kirito's story. The narrative was essentially only told from his perspective (minus brief glimpses). Now, in the second arc, this story is told from three different perspectives: Suguha, Kirito, and Asuna (in approximately that order of magnitude). Each one is the protagonist of their own story taking place in ALO. Each story is interrelated and intertwined.

Whether each person thinks the split perspective and multiple concurrent story thing is well-done or not... to me that's a separate discussion. As has been mentioned, this is perhaps a bit harder to follow than it would be -- for example -- in a book, because the anime is almost obsessively following a "show don't tell" principle, and rarely uses internal monologue except when absolutely necessary. So you could almost assume that the story is following "the camera operator's perspective", but the camera is still following those three people.
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