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Originally Posted by Makender View Post

So then you change the point of the ALO arc to give the character development to Kirito and Asuna. Very simple.
Like what? More I-love-you, I-miss-you moments?

Originally Posted by Dauerlutscher View Post
Nope. It's just a subplot that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual plot.
And yet strangely enough it has quite a bit of focus since the first episode of the arc.

Originally Posted by Dauerlutscher View Post
Dude. It seems to me that really want to start a pointless fight for no reason. Just because someone does't really give damn about a pointless subplot who you actually like and that added nothing to the overall story and that wasted many episodes. I made it pretty clear what i don't like about it and I think many people could at least understand why it was bothering me. So just take a chill pill and relax. Don't talk to me before you did that.
I'm not going to force you like what you don't like, I'm just going to keep pointing out how flawed your argument is for how 'pointless'.

Also, 'wasted many episodes' ? Either that means that it has a lot of focus that would make it a MAIN PLOT, or you're seriously exaggerating.
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