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Originally Posted by dKiWi View Post
As far as I'm concerned, 春日 (pronouced in Chinese as Chun Ri) is juz a really dumb translation for Haruhi. Katakana tends to be translated really badly into Chinese I guess. I really have no idea where they got this. 春日 means spring day. It doesnt make sense and shouldnt. In chinese circles, and in the novel, Haruhi is refered to mostly as 春日. I really dislike this personally.

Unless someone hu understands both Jap and Chinese can confirm that the Katakana for Ha-ru-hi means Spring Day.

凉宫 in Japanese is read as Suzu-miya, but in Chinese it is read as Liang Gong, and roughly means Cooling Palace. So as u can see, they are translating it for translation's sake. It really shouldnt mean anything. Cooling Palace Spring Day doesnt make any sense does it?

It even gives me the creeps. I sincerely apologise to anyone who is disturbed by that translation.

If there are any other Chinese/Singaporeans hu would like to comment it would really help. Coz I've been getting Cs for Chinese all my life, but that doesnt mean I havent put in effort. Have been studying Chinese all my academic life.

I don't see anything wrong with the translation coming up with 凉宫春日 (Suzu-miya Haru-hi), personally. Remember, even though both Chinese and Japanese use the same kanji, their system of naming isn't quite the same as ours. Or at least, it doesn't have to make the same kind of sense, really. If you're bothered by this, you're just as likely to be bothered by 茂木 夏树 (Mogi Natsuki), 藤原 拓海 (Fujiwara Takumi), 水瀬 名雪 (Minase Nayuki), and so on, and so these names look like they're supposed to make any kind of sense to you, or at least any kind of sense that you can understand? Heck, even our own Chinese names hardly make sense sometimes, so I wouldn't sweat it too hard.

Besides, I feel that 凉宫春日 rolls off the tongue as elegantly in Chinese as it does in Japanese. Should I have a daughter in the future, I would have no problems naming her Chun Ri.

Originally Posted by Lost View Post
You sure it won't be the otherway round? *shivers at the thought of Haruhi getting her hands on the Deathnote* And, being a god herself, she'll probably own Ryuu as well.
*thinks about Haruhi getting the Death Note*

Wait...I wouldn't be so worried. Kyon did once say (in Snow Mountain Syndrome) that he believes not even a crackpot like Haruhi would wish for someone to die. Besides, if she does want someone to die, she wouldn't need the Death Note anyway.

It's more of Light's potential to bring out the darker side in Haruhi that I'd be more worried about. Just imagine, he's a genius. It would be a piece of cake for him to whisper things into Haruhi's ears, and give her some dark ideas - "don't you wish there were no more terrorists in the world", "what if there was no more crime in this world", and give her some ideas? He would have the world he wants, and he wouldn't even have to kill anyone to achieve it. Now THAT is scary.
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