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So if I am going to download and install windows 7, should I get another drive if I don't want to wipe out everything in my old drive running on vista?
I installed the beta into a virtual machine on top of Ubuntu Linux using VirtualBox. There are versions of VirtualBox for Windows and Mac OSX as well. I used the commercial version of VirtualBox and chose the "Windows 2008" option when asked which operating system I was installing. Worked fine.

You don't need another disk or anything else really, though you should have a decent amount of free space on your hard drive, say 20GB or so. VirtualBox creates a file that represents an entire disk drive to the "guest" operating system which in the case would be Win7. The guest OS is installed into this file.

I'm still sticking to Linux; I just want to be able to run the occasional balky Windows app or see how the websites I've designed look in IE. Oh, and to have a version of Windows I can run that doesn't phone home to use "Windows Genuine Advantage."

And yes, -KarumA-, Windows 7 is the successor to Vista.
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