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I have Vista and while I don't hate it, if I could somehow downgrade to XP I would. However, many people claim to have Vista working great with 4-8 gigs of RAM, and I only have 2 which makes Vista quite slow. So for me, once I disabled UAC, Vista was "just a bit slower" than XP. I can live with it. What I really want is to do a clean install of Vista to remove all the bloatware so 1 gig of my RAM doesn't get used when I start up my computer, although I'm not entirely sure how to do that either.

About Windows 7, I'll do the same thing. I'm not one of those people who installs pretty much anything and everything once it gets released, so I'll just wait for feedback. Chances are Windows 7 can't be worse than Vista, but I'm too cautious so I'll definitely wait for feedback.
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