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Right, well, we know where all the companies I've been calling for the past year are gonna end up in a while. It's not good to keep money that's constantly coming out of thin air. Debt of any kind shouldn't be held for long, but of all the things they invest in, I'm really surprised that it's one of the more popular options after Equities.
The money flow went towards equities from bonds and commodities this year. Many people are expecting growth after an economic shock, hence their funds went into something that has the potential to grow over time.

IMO, the flow seems to be significantly slower this time round because I am still seeing alot of money in commodities. Sugar usually takes a nosedive at this part of the year, but it isn't trending as much as it should be even close to the second week.

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I'd say you're very right about this. I'm an engineering student, and I have to take significantly more math than business majors. Not just different math, but more math. And my math is applied. I have to learn the formulae and concepts, but I also have to learn how to apply it to real problems.

And they only need one semester of statistics... what?

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Statistics is nothing but tables and record-maintenance, really. Especially when it comes to something of a more practical nature.
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It's great when "Derp!" is actually a total and complete response Not just business majors, but the "Arts and Letters" of many degrees... appalling by Renaissance standards
I took two modules in math, one in statistics and one in college math. And I'd say both are pretty junk - their idea of "application" is to do a set of questions for the former, and a survey project for the latter. In the latter, only 2 marks are given for the "identify cause of anomalies" section.

And the course is supposed to be a pre-requisite to progress to the University of London. Standards certainly stooped so low and syllabuses certainly took a turn for theory rather than practical.

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Australia to tax nation's worst polluters
Does this cover News Corp agencies as well? *sarcastic*

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