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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
I took two modules in math, one in statistics and one in college math. And I'd say both are pretty junk - their idea of "application" is to do a set of questions for the former, and a survey project for the latter. In the latter, only 2 marks are given for the "identify cause of anomalies" section.

And the course is supposed to be a pre-requisite to progress to the University of London. Standards certainly stooped so low and syllabuses certainly took a turn for theory rather than practical.
There's a reason for that. Universities are trying to lower their standards so that more students get a higher grade, and that in turn makes their rank in the listings even higher. The uni I went to, for instance, hardly ever changed the question sets in every exam year after year on purpose so that students knew ahead of time what would come for them. There would be some differences in the questions themselves, but the topics covered in the exams would never change. This was done so that students would have better chances of getting higher grades. It surprised me quite a lot that people still got C grades in exams because of that.
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