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It doesn't matter, she's the rival to Zessica for Amata who happens to be the winner no matter what. Fans are angry over this because Mikono has done jacksquat for the relationship she's going to win in by default while Zessica has done everything right but because Mikono has to win, since she's the end game lover for Amata, it means that Zessica must lose(And lose hard). Thus Fans hate Mikono for that since her winning by default leaves a bad taste in everyones mouth since she has done nothing to work towards her "Happy Ending" compared to Zessica and will just have it handed to her on a silver platter.

Even if Amata got with Zessica I highly doubt that he would let a strange wolf man take Mikono away to a strange planet that they later learn turns women into men. Mykage would be screwed in this but it's Mykage, he would think of something to get what he wants.
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