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Originally Posted by Trajan View Post
I guess for me, if the audience wants to get mad at a character (and not the writers), it should be Amata. He has no romantic interest at all in Zessica but knows she loves him. He needs to man up, sit Zessica down, and tell her he doesn't share her feelings and that he loves Mikono. Will it do any good? Who knows, but it's the least he could do. It's better than what Amata did allow: Zessica almost killing herself for him because she loves him, when he doesn't love her back.
People get mad Amata too, don't you worry, Ep. 22 is a fine example.

In the end, the presentation (word choice, ironic interference) of the rejection might have been more important than the rejection itself, and its implied (anyway) that Zessica got the idea. The problem is, as far as I can tell, that while Zessica knows how Amata feels, she knows that he is in the dark with Mikono and that there's a chance that Mikono might run off with Kagura (its the best way to really explain Zessica's confrontation of Mikono at the end of 17). So, since she loves Amata (and wants to win him anyway), she's there to support him and prop him up when he trips up, all the while she tries to get his attention and holds out hope that, while Amata is for now infatuated with Mikono, he might turn an eye to her one day since he's not yet in a committed relationship. To some degree it's also implied that she was readying herself to move on in this life but held onto hope for another life (that's a lot of love, many shittons), and, ultimately, everything got dropped her head at once with the revelation that Amata and Mikono are the destined lovers. It shatters her one hope (and future hope, so two hopes, really) that Amata might one day give up on Mikono or be turned down since they are destined lovers, so they are destined to love one another always, so, by proxy, Mikono must love Amata.

Go back to the start, and basically, from the point of view of Zessica's fans, a lot of her suffering comes up because Mikono has left the door of hope open. The rest is probably confused anger at the befuddling themes in the show. Zessica's spent more time trying to fight fate (and trying to win the guy, comparable levels of Andy trying to win and save MIX) than anyone else in the show, yet it is Amata who uses *fate doesn't matter* as his way to woo Mikono even though they are fated anyway, all the while Mikono just *is* (and has put in literally the minimal one episode of effort by meetings the guy first. Just go back through the show and ask yourself, how many times does Mikono pursue a relationship vs. how many times is she put into a cute moment because of (a.) coincidence or (b.) accident or (c.) because Amata does something). So you get a perplexing case of:
- Fights fate but is losing to fate.
- Says he'll fight fate but doesn't really.
- Is in a state of existence and met the guy first, winning.

Yes, Amata could have done more (but, Zessica was avoiding him fairly obviously), Zessica could have tried to sit him down and asked him WHY he likes Mikono (and boy would that have been a can of worms, forcing the writers to give some reason for why (as I'm curious too)), Mikono could have said something or other after the confession but she neither tells Zessica nor Amata how she feels, leaving both of them in limbo (and she even admits it on her adventure to find Fudo... just doesn't do anything about it). You can stretch this to how or why Kagura is still a problem, answer? No one talks to anyone unless the plot wills it.
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