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The most blaring problem I have with Mikono is how they raised certain 'flags' for how her character would be developed over the course of the series. She was so pathetic and passive at the beginning, she got her connection power and seemed to be changing a little, they revealed that her self esteem issues are because her father put her down a lot and that's it. Her character development halted completely.

I used to think that Mikono at the end of this would be somewhat like Minmay from Macross, dumping the protagonist for another romantic interest while still being a decent character. But the big difference is that Minmay stopped a war, and the most significant thing I recall Mikono doing was the connection power during the funeral. (When last has she used her power to connect?)

You can almost draw a dichotomy between Mikono and Zessica and Amata and Kagura. Well, not so much for Kagura because at this point I still don't know much about him. Right now I think he's stuck in a rut and has the mental capacity of a dog because he shows no sign of any thought or insight (besides kuso onna). I had expectations that he would have become more like a main character nearing the end of this, but to be totally honest he seems like a character with the sole purpose of getting views from rabid fangirls.

Hats off to kawamori though if the last 2 episodes are amazing, but going by the track record of EVOL i highly doubt it.
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