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Shiki - 7/10 - An anime with shiki = vampires. It's not bad, but not all that good either. Not recommended. Although this anime's message is real: when it comes down to survival, it's hard to blame someone of doing whatever it takes to survive.

Jujutsu Kaisen 8.5/10 - Quite the cool costumer this anime. Cool graphics, cool fights. They have a sort of bankai called domain expansion. I like how anime these days cut straight to the chase/cheese, I hate when they prolong the introductions like in the so called "big series/top anime". Recommended!

I'm about to start Goblin Slayer, I'm hearing good things about it.

LE: Goblin Slayer 8/10 - Barely an 8. It's definitely under The Rising of The Shield Hero and slightly under Log Horizon, being of the same sort of RPG game anime. It's probably at the same quality of Sword Art Online 1st season, could've been epic, not the case, still nice. Why does the main hero always have to be wanted by all the girls even in this case where he seldom shows his face? I've much preferred if he would have been somewhat disfigured so with a good reason to wear the helmet protection nearly at all times. He's not The Mandalorian, forced by creed!
There is one thing I found particularly upsetting: upper heroes thinking quests for trolls, thieves and dragons are more important because they are harder to defeat and give better rewards, when they don't do half the damage to human communities combined as goblins do alone. Idiots. And when they do finally get dragged into a difficult quest of goblin slaying, not one admits how stupid they've been and how demanding goblins can be in large numbers and opened field. Idiots x 2.

I forgot about Overlord, same RPG stuff. I would rank
The Rising of The Shield Hero > Log Horizon > Overlord > Goblin Slayer > SAO.
Haven't seen .hack or what's it's name yet, I tried before just couldn't find it.
I don't really go for this type of oppression: hours in a day when you mustn't air something.
It's a kind of a post modern nazism that should be eradicated alongside the idiots who support it.

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