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At this point I just have to say "sure" . Of course Siesta not only still existed within that body but also had the ability to revive herself. I still expect Nagisa to get most of the control. Based on the idea that she should get to live a free life and have her school experiences.

Guess this means Siesta won't turn up as the last boss . Or maybe it doesn't. With this show who knows.

If I was taking this show seriously I might have been a bit more frazzled by this episode. At the very least this episode didn't bore me. A lot of crazy stuff along with how it ended. In the end Siesta's OP ability comes through again. Although now I feel a bit silly for thinking about how a team could try to replace Siesta...when Siesta had the ability to come back . Oh sure that means Hel might do so as well and that body turns into a battle royal, but that's fine. Just makes it all the more amusing.
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