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Hi, Umineko, TERRIBLE. 0/10

-2000 for making a character pop out of nowhere in the middle of a series with no explantation whatsoever and spending how many episodes on it. Annoying and pissing the hell out of anime viewers. Why should we care about HER?! Many, or should I say all anime viewers think that this is the way the STORY is, like the vn was this way. Like as though the vn dudes were on drugs or something. I am so annoyed and tired of people saying how this STORY could be so good if only they didn't do this, blah, blah, For the LAST FREAKING TIME, this is something done by the ANIME by that dude that they summoned from hell to direct and subsequently not only kill the anime but the original source as well by making people think that the anime is as the bad the source.

-1000 for Maria's retarded faces.

-1000 for all the other crap. Like leaving stuff out and changing stuff for no reason and making stupid mistakes.

-5000 for the characters. 10 or whatever it was dead in the first episode before I could even learn there names. Then none of the characters do anything to help me remember their names or who they are. So even know I have no idea who got killed and when. Or even who is who. Or who has what problem. This is why I skipped through all the mystery parts, they die as quick as pigs in a slaughterhouse and I don't even know their names or anything about them and they could have died in the wrong place or wrong way because of some stupid anime mistake, so why should I care? In the end, the only names I know is the witches names, and battler. I only know the witches because they dress and look so hawt. I only know Battler's name because who the hell names their kid battler??!! Might as well name him stupid since he is going to be beat up and get in fights anyways. Oh and Maria's, cause her face is retarded. Otherwise I don't know any other characters. Needless to say, the only thing that held my attention is witch's drama drama.

Final Score: -9000!!!

Final Comments: Don't watch the anime, just read the threads on animesuki. Interesting, funny, and drama at times. There is heated discussions, spoilers, fights, everything you need to enjoy Umineko. Plus there is no mistakes. =)

Don't be like me, I spend like how many hours watching the anime, now I have to spend hours reading threads on animesuki and begging vn readers for help and explanation just so I can understand it.
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