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Are you kidding? This series was AWESOME!! Sure I'd heard of the game before, but I'd never really got the chance to ever look into it, but when the series came out, I found myself, researching, playing, reading it all over! I swear, If a series can make me so hiped up, it's nothing short of awesome sauce.

It's true I didn't play the game, so I'm being a little bit biased here, but to me, a viewer of the ANIME and NOT the Visual Novel, I thought it was brilliant. The art was beautiful, the characters were connectable, and best of all...Satoshi=Kanon<3 EPIC WIN!!xD Go Kobayashi-chan, Go!~*roots*~
So, all-in-all I'd totally reccomened it, though I'd reccomend watching the anime, and THEN reading the V/A, this way you won't get as angry as half of the very loyal fans on here~

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