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Originally Posted by Tiresias View Post
Do Inherent Skills use magic the same way as normal spellcasting? And aside from Ginga and subaru can the other cyborgs use magic?
Inherent Skills are a special "magic system", as evident in the cyborgs' "tech" magic circles when they use them. Also, they are not normal spells and more of an inborn ability like Mana Conversion Affinity. For instance, it is said somewhere Sein's phasing ability was a random non-reproducible mutation during her creation, which Scaglietti decided to let stay.

As far as I can gather though I don't have a canon source on that, IS are powered by a different energy source than spells. Magic runs on mana generated by the Linker Core. IS run on whatever power source keeps the cyborg's internal electronics running. That is why they are unaffected by AMF, which is an explicitly anti-mana effect.

Except for Subaru and Ginga, Nove seems to have used some vanilla magic in ViVid (her fight against Heidi). Generally, you need a Linker Core to use magic and the question is whether Combat Cyborgs have one by default like Artificial Mages or not. There is too little data on that, however, and the three Nakajimas are hardly indicative because all three are effectively clones of Quint, who was a powerful Ground Mage herself.

Scaglietti didn't teach the Numbers any vanilla magic, so it's hard to tell their capacity for it. Throughout StrikerS they have been pretty much two-trick ponies, relying mainly on their Inherent Skills and Equipment.

Originally Posted by Tiresias View Post
Can normal mages "learn" it or must they first be implanted by cybernetics? And aside from Ginga and Subaru can the cyborgs use other magic systems aside from IS?
AFAIK and, again, I don't have a source on that, vanilla mages cannot "learn" an IS. But as Schach demonstrated when she apprehended Sein, a mage can use spells to emulate effects of an IS, like phasing through solid walls.

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