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Originally Posted by Amaterasu1963 View Post
People keep putting speculation about this in here even though Nagumo translated the booklet text a while ago. post


Combat Cyborg (CD 2, track 16)
A weapon that seamlessly melds/unites the human body and cybernetics together. It is an old concept/idea but Scaglietti proclaimed that the perfect solution/answer [to accommodate the cybernetics, we must begin altering the human body the moment it is born] (alt trans: to prevent the rejection of the cybernetics, we must begin construction the moment the human body is born) (Jap Text: [機械の適合適応のため 、誕生の時点で人体の方を作り替える。])
Possessing an artificial metal skeletal frame and artificial muscles, genetic adjustments/alterations and a Linker Core regulating/tuning program unit implanted within, they possess a high combat strength/ability.
Thus Subaru, Ginga and all the Numbers were born as these [Combat Cyborgs].


The power source for a cyborg is magic energy from their linker core that is converted to physical energy by implants to power their non-magical weapon/flight/special ability/whatever implants.
So, basically, the Bureau decided to use this as the basis for the AEC equipment as seen in Force.

Makes me wonder if they're picking Jail's brain while he's in prison.

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