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Interesting, so they tranform their magical energy into conventional energy for their IS.

That also explains how they manage to accomplish various effects that we don't see applied to magic regularly.

Quattro's illusions are indeed related with her IS "Silver Curtain" and have the unique ability to alter their electromagnetic space to fool radars or other tracking systems into identifying those as solid objects. I was good enough to bait Hayate out of her command seat and force her to show some of her own abilities to Jail. Cinque's "Rumble Detonator" allows her to make the composition of metals unstable causing it to explode. Sein seems to be a special case as her mutation allows her to alter her own molecular structure in order to phase trough solid objects, while there are means to emulate this ability there's apparently no way to outright duplicate it.

While most of them aren't specially powerfull in direct combat, the Numbers do have an interesting set of unique abilities, most of them never seen before in the Nanohaverse and that can be used efficiently with the correct strategy as Uno and Jail show to us
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