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*laughing my ass off* Oh wow, so much hawtness and so much lol-ness. Ah...I'm hyperventaliating...XDDD

Drawing Erza in the Neko-oufit from the OVA was great. And Juvia has gotten 10 thousand more fans with that image.

I really want to be in Mashima's studio when it's time to draw - must be the most hilarious place on earth.


"Okay, so I got Jenny's nude spread drawn out and the two old guys enjoying oggling her. What else can be done?

"I know, have it so that her Blue Pegasus guys also posed nude."

"With her!?"

"NO! in separate photo shoots! And have Macao and Waka turn the page and -BAM- full frontal male nudity."

"Oh god..."

"Not only that, have their families walk in on them at EXACTLY that same time."

" guys are evil. I knew I hired you for a reason!!!"

"Wait, it needs something else..."

"What else?"

"Needs Fried in there."

"Huh? for what?"

"Have him openly oogling the guys."

"WHAT!? I didn't plan on him being like that!"

"Oh please, it's how he ended up! Why else do you draw him blushing whenever he's with Laxus!?"

"...oh the hell with it, sure why not! And I'll even throw in a poster of Laxus behind him."

"Now you're talking!!"
"Focus entirely on me, you ordinary soldier."

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