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Episode 6

Yuuichi and Ayu in the cinema*
Movie voice: Punishment!
Ayu: Uguu.
-Another scene-
Ayu: Uguuuu~
-Another scene-
Ayu: Uguu!
Yuuichi: So there are variations of "Uguu~".
Ayu: Uguu...

Episode 14
Yuuichi: Hey, what's gotten into you?
Mai: I love Sayuri. I love her,so...

I loved Yukari Tamura's performance here! *.*
Mai: Again... I'm the only one that's unharmed again. I cause everyone around me pain, and yet, I alone am unhurt!
Episode 15

Episode 20
Yuuichi: Now give a try with "atashi".
Ayu: Forget it. I'll stick with "boku".
Yuuichi: You might be fine now, but you may face problems in the future. For example, at an interview when you're applying for a job.
Yuuichi: *imitates Ayu* "Uguu~ Boku Ayu." Say that and you'll be cut instantly.
Guys from the scene: *drag Ayu*

I cracked up with that part XD
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