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Seeking Nirvana
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Hello there.

I just happened to join today and found this here thread. I absolutely dig Code Geass and I absolutely love Karen. So, I was curious if someone here could possible help me make a signature involving her? Complying with Animesuki's rules about signatures (under 500 x 160 pixels and 50,000 bytes), I would like someone to create a various Karen-montague signature using the faces from any or all of these following images...

I do request that the following text below be centered:
"The Many Faces of Karen Stadtfeld/Kōzuki"

If this is too much to ask for, I completely understand. And my apologies for the extensive description. Whomever decides to take this task, you have absolute creative freedom on this. I just love to see this come to being.

Thank you in advance for just reading my request.

- Nirvana
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