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I've been taking a walk on the net recently (for lack of a better analogy), and it seems like there is a little bit of an underground community among us who have watched this series. People have blogged it, people have expressed it on multiple forums - this one included. But there has not yet been a congregation for how big this movement really is. And I'm surprised that we didn't start a thread like this during the show's original run to see just how many there were in this community.

The question I'm throwing at you is: Whose Kanon ending would you have preferred? Ayu's? Or Nayuki's?

Now, at some point, you may have looked at the final few episodes and thought, "Aha! Well if it was left to me, I would've done this differently!" As a scriptwriter, I strive to make stories with impact, to tell stories as dramatic and entertaining as possible, even if it deviates from the general order of things. To be honest, I could have scripted a Nayuki ending without having to modify three-quarters of the content. And I'm sure KyoAni, the producers, could have done so too. They had the manpower, the resources, the liberty to do something unconventional and still walk away as a success. And yet, for some reason, they held back.

It is not to say that I disliked the final episode. Albeit a bit cheezy and a little difficult to follow, the ending fits. I like it. But I would have preferred Nayuki's.

And that is the essence of this thread: preference. My reasons is that a Nayuki ending would have provided more emotional impact and therefore made more sense. You may simply just like her more. Regardless, this is an opportunity to collect and see just how many viewers - casual and fans alike - were either pleased or content with Ayu's ending or left desiring an ever-after story with Nayuki. You may be satisfied with KyoAni's ending for its integrity, but would you have liked/wanted a different outcome?

For all intents and purposes, I do not wish to include Shiori, Makoto, Mai, or Sayuri in this poll.
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