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Yeah the amount of time it took them to get the Dead Air and Death Toll maps going in Versus was rediculous I know I quit playing quite awhile before that was implemented, but that's not to say it wasn't an extremely fun game. It just lacked options especially in versus. Campaign just isn't fun unless you have 3 other players and are playing on the toughest difficulty. I'm not even a "Player versus player" at heart and even I can agree versus was where the true fun of L4D was at, but you can only handle versus so long before you grow tired of only playing 2 maps. Imagine if you will...playing Team Fortress 2 for the first four months after its release with only 2 maps to choose from...2Fort and Dustbowl. And that's basically summing up L4D in versus. I'm at least hoping for some more variety in L4D2 this time around
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