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And I'm saying that when you make such a comment and afterward, when presented some information, responding with a "I can't bother with thinking about it, sorry" comes as disrespect. If you're going to present an opinion that's butting into somebody's discussion, you better back it up or get prepared for some flames. I still wouldn't say this if you didn't act like you knew it all without giving a single meaningful reply.

If you say you didn't see any development, I guess we didn't watch the same show. Not really a subjective matter since it's not the amount that's being discussed.

Many characters, yeah, every single character? No. Not that I consider Regios to be a superb anime or its characters on average, but it can still bury big production balloons like Eden of the East in that department. (it was done by my favorite production company as well, I still don't hold any punches when I see things to criticize)

I'm alright with people disagreeing, it's the spirit of the whole forum discussion business after all. But disrupting progressing and meaningful discussions like this requires something to back it up. "I don't think it deserves thinking" doesn't cut it. Let's leave it at that.
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