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Let's. It's obviously poor form to discuss the (de)merits of one's favorite character, after all - I surely did not want to aggravate the fanbase. I'm very sorry for participating in the discussion, which is obviously only meant to praise Nina, after all - it's her thread, right?
And, also, sorry for not rising up to your standards - but I wouldn't really compare the characters presented on this show with the ones on Eden of The East, myself... also another subjective discussion. And one I'm loathe to participate in, myself.

Just one final point:
Originally Posted by Ultramarinus View Post
If you say you didn't see any development, I guess we didn't watch the same show. Not really a subjective matter since it's not the amount that's being discussed.
I'm very sorry, but that's ENTIRELY subjective. Completely open to one's interpretation of the events and the characters. Where do you come off saying that it's not the "amount" of character development that's being discussed? THAT'S the whole point! I didn't see any development! I, me, myself! Hello? Entirely subjective, you see...
I'm more than happy enough to leave it at that, but with the provision you acknowledge the whole subjective nature of the argument, that's all.

And, who knows, maybe we didn't watch the same show, after all. The one I did, had an interesting character named Nina, who was a noble and righteous defender and went on to be exactly that - and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some stories are driven by the characters, while some are driven by the plot. I felt this was more the later than the former. You didn't? More power to you. But don't tell me what I have to take out of a series, thank you very much.
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