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If this crap passes, and they tax your Internet usage say, $5, and they tax the ISP say, $5, to cover the cost of the program, so your Internet bill goes up $10, is that okay?
FCC rule #xxxxxx doesn't equal higher taxes.

This shit is so completely fucking trivial to begin with! Voice IP and "downloading movies instantly" are an absolute luxuries, there is no need or requirement!
It is multibillion dollar industry. It is everything but trivial. It is not a luxury unless you consider hi-speed internet a luxury (not in 21st century).

Of all the problems we have in this country, with all of the money wasted, we have people worried about paying extra for absolute luxuries. Our borders are porous, illegal aliens clog our health care system, our court system, and drive down our wage scale. Three quarters of a trillion dollars was pissed away on a BS stimulus package, and we're looking at trillions of dollars of debt and waste on "health care reform". The POTUS is pissing on allies and sucking off enemies, costing us the respect of both. And freaking "net neutrality" to keep the cost of bootleg movies and voice IP down is a priority? If anyone wonders how we got into the shit we're in, that's a perfect fucking example. What a joke. God damned nanny state bullshit if there ever was.
You're (pardon my french) a fucking retard. Movies and VOIP were just examples (real world) of how and why packet prioritizing is done.

In short, net neutrality in 21st century equals the "FREE PRESS" in 20th.
Controlling the flow of information certain ways means power to few and suppression of free thought for many (think of China). There's a reason for a First Amendment.
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