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Originally Posted by Kamui4356 View Post
Almost missed that this was posted. From what I've heard, he might not have actually been hanged but strangled and then hung from the tree. Apparently his body wasn't actually suspended off the ground, though it's possible he was hanged too. The most likely suspects for this are considered to be an extremist right wing survivalist group or marijuana growers in the region, but information about this is apparently hard to come by as the investigators aren't releasing much to the press. Marijuana growers I'd think would be more likely, but in that case why write fed on him like that?
The area has a long history of being grandiosely paranoid about the "feds" and a long tradition of illegal moonshine operations that the "revenuers" (federal BATF agents and IRS) would bust up occasionally. Poor guy *may* have been simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

That said.... the anti-census moonbats are sinking their own boats if they don't participate --- no participation means you don't get counted for determining Congressional Representatives and districting.
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