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Originally Posted by Alchemist007 View Post
I wouldn't count on Crysis as a good benchmark, its way too messed up.
at 1680x1050 and futureproofing, I wouldn't go for a 4850, notice its place on this,1451.html
(75.10) compared to the others it may last for a while but not as long as something that gets more frames. I'd say the 4890 (107.3) is a better bet if you're willing to shell out, more bucks, more frames, more future proofing.
I tend to treat games like Crysis, Stalker: Clear Skies, GTAIV, etc. as the most important benchmarks because they're worst case scenarios. And I'm not sure what you mean by messed up, it seems to scale pretty well with processing power from what I've seen, at least on single GPU setups.

I like the 4850 because it will handle those worst case scenarios at 1680X1050 for like $110. And if it doesn't in two years, well... just throw in another $110 card and run that for another two years. I doubt you'll get four years out of a 4890.

Besides, if he wants to future proof, he should be waiting a few weeks for the 5850 to come in stock. $260 and much faster than any 4000 series Radeon.
If he wants to future proof though, I would say he should wait a few weeks for HD 5850 cards to start shipping for around $260 - the performance increase over the 4890 should be well worth the extra.

Originally Posted by Alchemist007
I'm not getting any upgrades for at least another year or years and when I do it will be a whole new system so it's not an issue for me atm; but if I was thinking about it now I'd wait for a whole nother 2 gens, not just the HD58XX or what nvidia will counter that with, but at least another gen of the DX 11 cards (since first gens are teh_suxxors on hindsight).
Uh, the Radeon 9700 Pro was the first Direct X9 card and the 8800GTX was the first DX10 one... and both of those first gen parts held up pretty well. Hell, the 8800GTX is still a pretty decent card and it came out in 2006!
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