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There are other factors that can affect FPS depending on how fast your CPU is. You can still have a fast card, but if your CPU is too slow, it can bottleneck the GPU so that it won't be able to perform as fast. This isn't the case if you have a fast Core2 Duo or Athlon/Phenom processor, but if you have a lower end CPU like the Pentium Dual Core, don't expect it to run as fast.

Most older games aren't really much a problem with the newer cards, and graphics card go obsolete when the newer cards come in, so it's best just to get the highest model, but not the latest since it will be cost effective since the newer generation will eventually go down in price. You can still play the latest game with the previous generation, but it won't be as fast, but it will still be playable.

I have a Geforce 9600m on my Macbook Pro laptop which I use for gaming and still can handle all my games with good framerates although it can't handle Crysis with high settings and full resolution since mobile graphics card are only half the power of what the desktop cards are. I don't build or use desktop computers since I go to college and I don't spend that much time at home to have and use a powerful desktop computer.
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