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Originally Posted by Valerian Mengsk View Post
Well, if Shin eventually to learns to land a hit, things might get interesting.

Spoiler for the spoiler:

I find it kind of funny how this little part of the story is reversed from stories like Veritas; usually the heroes can land the punch, they just don't do any damage (a la Gangyrong in the beginning). Whereas with shin-y here, well, you know.
Well, we know the circumstances and Shin's motivations - one of the two people you spoke of - the more hot-blooded one - has no problem lashing out, but the other only uses his strength in self-defense only. The latter is simply treading a terra incognita.

back to the story, I expect someone to bail Shin out of this situation any minute now, as usual.
Then I guess you'll be surprised.
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