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Originally Posted by Kogetsu Shirogane View Post
Alternately... that was simply done to tell them apart. They're pretty much exclusively referred to by their given names, after all.


... While hilarious... I really can't recall any instances of a Japanese name having more than just a given name and a surname. Go with a foreign exchange student that has a name for every letter of the alphabet.
I was going to, but they already have Koizumi as an exchange student of a sort. So the next aberration that struck me was someone whose name alone is a thing unheard of. Haruhi is just that amazing. She can speak Russian. In French.

Edit for Boredom:

New Guy: I am Alejandro Beliz Castilliano Del Eclessias Felizes Gallo Hidalgo Imperiosa Juarez Los Mares Nueves Ores Pimienta Queso Rey Sucre Taco Umberto Vega Xavier y Zorro. Pleased to meet you.
Kyon (Internal Narrative): In trying to write half of that, I have easily tripled the effort I've put into taking notes during Okabe-sensei's lectures.

(Not an actual sensible name, mind, and I didn't include the letters for which there are no true Spanish words beginning with them as opposed to borrowings.)
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