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First off, I'd like to thank all the fansubber groups that put effort into their work, and don't just crank out crappy subs for the sake of speed *COUGHNARUTOCOUGH*. It is MUCH appreciated.
But I would like to give special thanks to the following groups:

Mugen-Anime-- For bringing the happiness joy that is Bobobo Bobobobo to my world! It's got more things to translate than the average anime, and it must be a daunting task to translate every single text that appears on the screen as well as the spoken word. You have my utmost respect, thank you.

The Triad-- For bringing me one of my favorites; Ultra Maniac <3, as well as Dogtato and Gunslinger Girl. I alos commend their superior sub and picture quality. Much love, yo.

ANBU-- As mentioned above; they take the time to make sure my Naruto subs aren't bland and lifeless, like the speed subs that are saturating the scene.

Sexy Commando-bu- For subbing Sexy Commando, where others wouldn't. Is anyone subbing Sexy Commando anymore? *sniffles*

Sailor Spork- For raising Pugyuru from the dead.
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