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Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
There is one other interesting thing in that story that I don't see mentioned often. That is, Natsuhi doesn't just run out into the hall, she is lured out by a letter. Our only hint about the contents of this letter is Natsuhi's phrase said during the ensuing magical scene: "Both I, bearing the title of representative to the Ushiromiya family, and you, the one who claims to succeed the head of the Ushiromiya family, are here right now. ......At this point, whether you are a witch or not is a trivial problem!"
I keep bringing this up but: What evidence is there that there was ever a letter in the first place?
Evidence for:
- Maria says so (She also mentions Beatrice coming in through the crack in the door, and was in a poor position to see Natsuhi take it.)
- It's described in a golden butterfly scene.

Evidence against:
- Jessica, George, and Battler walked right past the letter without noticing it.
- It disappeared completely by the time they reached Natsuhi's body.
- Even if Natsuhi saw the letter first, she might order somebody else to open it. (She ordered Battler to open and read the study letter.)

Maybe the letter was completely fake and there's a different reason why Natsuhi left the room.
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