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For what concerns Eva I have since a while thought a way to explain why she's left behind.

I thought that maybe for the plan to work someone needs to "sacrifice" himself to save everyone else. In other words someone needed to take care of the family's assets while dodging all kind of murderous plans from the sumadera (hand who knows what else).

And this kind of reminded me of the test in Ep4.

"Sacrifice yourself to save everyone else"

Why the "sacrifice" must involve death? This is a test meant to choose the new head, and we know there is no right or wrong answer. But then how can "sacrifice yourself" be a correct answer? How can you become the new head if you die? But it can work if the sacrifice doesn't involve suicide but something else.

So maybe Eva metaphorically took that test, she chose to sacrifice herself, and as a consequence, she became the new head.

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