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His pretty boys and female figure do look similar, but you can always tell by what they wear, just as most other manga you see.

Originally Posted by MakubeX2 View Post
Meanwhile, in the latest Chapter, Zhang Liao impersonates Cao Cao, lure in Yuan Fang for a mano a mano. Who will survive ?

And Chen Mou really have a talent for spotting and quoting phrases in old chinese lifted from obscure classics. Here's the latest :- 考績篇 再曰:鷹不試則巧拙惑;馬不試則良駑疑

I'll love to see how will people translate them into modern english and yet retains the favor.
Obviously Zhang Liao is going to live (he got to live through Battle of HeFei)

What I really interested in is exactly what is Yuan Fang's ultimate plan. Zhuge's student stated that one needs to live long enough to see realize that Yuan Fang was planning. And Yuan Fang also predicted Zhuge's future hardship. To me that show both knew what the other was thinking, and their interest does not collide, at least for the moment, otherwise he would have assainated Zhuge just like he did with his other schoolmates and Sima Yi.
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