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This has nothing to do with manga (at least not yet). I was playing Dynasty Warriors 7 just now as started the new Jin Dynasty story mode. Then mentioned that Xiahou Ba (Xiahou Yuan's son) fled to Shu after Sima Yi's coup against Cao Shuan.

I had a small chuckle when Sima Zhao commented how he can't fathom one fled to the country that was responsible for the death one's father. Shu and Wei's royal families were pretty messed up. (by today's standard) Cao and Xiahou clans were pretty much one and the same since they often marring clan daughter forom one to another. While lessor known but Liu Bei's daughters ends up as Cao Chun's (Cao Ren's brother) daughter-in-laws. Not only that, Xiahou Yuan's niece was Zhang Fei's wife and Xiahou Ba's cousin and her two daughter with Zhang Fei both ended up as Lui Shan's Empresses.
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