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IWSP and Noir are nice and the Strike Gale also looks nice, but I still think the original Strike is the best. It does justice to the RX-78 and still preserves its own identity without trying too hard. I just love the simplicity of it's design.

I also love the Aile Strike. Everything is sharp and smooth with little to no curved lines in the design. This perfectly complements the Strike, better than all the other striker packs. The Aile pack really feels like an extension of the Strike rather than an add-on.. I have the impression that the Aile Strike was designed as one single MS, and they came up with the the striker pack idea later on.

Originally Posted by Tak View Post
I've always wondered what would happen if Kira acquired the STRIKE NOIR as opposed to the FREEDOM in SEED.
Would have been great! And apparently Noir can even pull off the "Freedom look".
Spoiler for Noir freedom:
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