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Originally Posted by Magin View Post
Oneesama horde> Fanboys 3

because at least that way there's room for yuri (even though I personally like as little yuri as possible... but it's better than those guys)

hm... think InnerMoka should do a Know Your Place to the bats?
Um right, Theres already room for yuri, and thats Youkari, thats enough. If the watchers want a girl fighting show with yuri, go watch that horrible TitBZ anime called Ikkatsuki or w.e

Oh in my #2nd Fan Fic where my character is also a Human, Kyero cuts Tsukune with his Purifing Katana and Restores all of Tsukune's Human Blood turning him back into 100% human

the girls get mad because then he will die from the wounds that was inflicted by the bad guy. But before they try to help Tsukune, Kyero stops them and sends blade slash towards them paralizing them.

Kyero then turns to the bad guy and raises his sword to him "I will be your opponet for a while..." Kyero releases a Strange Youkai energy from him which shocks the girls and the main bad guy because Kyero is a Human as well

"Theres only a select few humans who possess this Power, a Human is nothing more than another Monster.. and now..I will show you, WHy us Humans are kept away from the rest of the Youkai!!"

Thats it for now lol.... basicly in this fan Fic, Humans are like.... ah hell I dont want to say it but I have no other anime I can think off at the momment..... Humans in this Fan Fic are like Saiyans. (( ))
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