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Originally Posted by Ultenth View Post far from what I've seen the 4 main leads seem pretty cookie-cutter, and the opening episode didn't really float my boat either, it wasn't really funny, it wasn't really heartwarming, it wasn't thoughtful or really anything that I usually expect from good slice of life shows. It was just kinda...there, is all. Plus I was getting a weird semi-yuri vibe from the show as well, but that's probably just because I've been reading lots of yuri manga lately.

I should note that the show didn't seem BAD, and I will keep watching, but it just didn't blow me away or seem anything special.
This pretty much sums up how I feel. These types of shows with the main cast consisting of all females and no romance don't usually strike my fancy unless it's really clever. And though I like Torako's personality, I hate Ayumi's(reminds me of Hitohira's Komugi ) and the show as a whole isn't clever enough for my tastes. I'll still keep up with it, for now.
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