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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart
Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post
Spoiler for Then cosplay it is.:
That is the most ridiculous cosplay I have seen. I take back my words.
But if you think about the choice for Moka and the deal between Lilith and Morgan, that's actually rather appropriate for them. Because Lilith had only 1/3rd of Morgan's power and was part of her as well, where Moka is in a similar situation. Read up on it some, you might be able to look at that from a rather different angle.

Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post

Inner Moka looks at us while we wait for the next chapter.
While we stare back, waiting for her to actually do something upon arrival of said next chapter. Of course she had better be careful, some of us have laser vision and can make her cheeks flush red with the light.
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