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Originally Posted by Namihana View Post
As for Suou using that BFG, I'm sure she has the skill to use it. Hunting with a rifle and taking aim with a camera seems to be her good points.
Technically and realistically just "Aiming" doesn't make you a good shot, especially with a freaking Anti-Tank Riffle. There's a lot of math that needs to be taken considered when taking a shot, wind pressure, bullet velocity, and stuff like that. So far as we know, Suou is a complete amateur though we have no idea on how she will develop in a combat role. Modern day snipers are often teams of two and there is no romantic lone sniper as many people would think. But I do expect Hei will play excellent combat support when/if there are situations when she has to take a delicate shot. But I'm not holding my breath

But of course, this is a fictional story and reality was tossed out of the window long ago so who knows with Suou being a good shooter.
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