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Originally Posted by Lolipopo View Post
Screw a remake or a new serie or this fugly manga with the ugly hero.

YIKES!!!! Are we talking "The Sound of Music" type musical?

I can see Lelouch dancing through the streets of Tokyo like Julie Andrews;

"The Hills are alive with the sound of ZeeeeRoH!!

and that's not a pretty picture.

Originally Posted by Zetsubou Bunny View Post
No, we got into trouble by denying that what the creators say is authentic.

Taniguchi, Okouchi, and Kawaguchi are the Gods (not 'gods', 'Gods'; all powerful and absolute) of the Code Geass universe. It's obviously a legality that he can't let anything out of the bag officially yet, otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned his 'hopes' to announce a new series soon. He toned the interview that way purposefully. I'm sure it wasn't just an off-handed "Gee, I sure hope we can announce a new Code Geass anime sometime in the near future..." .

I don't know why you're trying to find hitches to snag peoples' perceptions on.

Have you ladies and gents noticed that Okouchi hasn't been mentioned yet in any of the press releases involving the new project?
I've only seen Taniguichi and Kawaguchi talked about and interviewed, not Ichiro Okouchi (thus far anyway).
I wonder why that is?

Originally Posted by -Sho- View Post
Lol WTH with the comments XD

Ok ok , "New Code Geass Anime Announced" "New Birth"
It can means that this will be Code Geass with another main leads . Like Gundam Seed Destiny ?
Actually the Kanjii 復活 in the image here reads "resurrection" in English:

And I'm NOT going to touch that with the proverbial "ten-foot-pole" or else Zetsubou Bunny might hurt me.

I just wanted to make the correction that's all.
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