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This is a battle of wills. In my opinion, if people don't have the will and the patience, they wouldn't pass this test. To make a person give up, you must beat him in his own game, or find a common ground and then deal that blow that'll make the opponent lose the edge and give up. I think Gon wanting a "fair" match is not much far from the purpose of this test. This is not a simple one-on-one hand combat.

Hanzo, I think, was really hasty here. He went to view Gon as a kid and went to torture him, thinking that just like any ordinary kid, he'll just give up in fear of getting hurt. But Gon is not ordinary. I think his confrontation with Hisoka prior is one example. Even that play with Netero comes to mind. Gon already has unbelievable guts and is stubborn (and crazy even). Hanzou has to play another game to make Gon give up.

Hanzou played the torture/fear game, and he lost, not just because of Gon, but also his inability to know the opponent better. Gon already faced death couple of times in the past, this is no exception. Gon asking for a a fair game points on what Hanzou has failed to do.

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