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Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
If Hanzo were to break every bone in his body and then give up because Gon is that stupidly stubborn, he would win. Gon would not be able to function properly anymore, despite getting the title he would be a loser.

What's the point of not giving up if you can't do anything after that?
I think hanzo just realized that continue breaking his bones was pointless I mean think about it, what does hanzo want? winning of course, and in order to win he needed to make gon give up, after all the beating up gon was not even thinking in giving up, plus hanzo heard gon's reason to become a hunter and see no vacillation in his eyes

in this exam of wills if you don't figure out a way to make your opponent surrender then you lost, even if you're stronger, sure hanzo could have break more bones but at that point hanzo knew even if he do that the situation wouldn't change and he wouldn't win... so why keep torturing your opponent if you know you are gonna lost anyway?

what makes hanzo give up was gon's determination

so I think gon's winning was fair enough
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