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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that Leorio and Kurapika were going to step in. Kurpika went red-eyed at the idea that Hanzo was going to cut Gon's legs off, but that was always a bluff and once Gon called it, I think the two of them realized that whatever happened, Gon wouldn't want them to interfere.
I think you're giving Gon a bit too much credit here. Do remember that this is the same Gon who demanded Hisoka to take back his badge because he didn't want any help, regardless of the fact that even talking to Hisoka is playing with your life, much less telling him to piss off.

Gon didn't have a clever psychological plan, he just wouldn't give up, regardless of Hanzo's threats. Even if he had cut of his legs, Gon still wouldn't have given up. That's just who he is. A stubborn little juggernaut who will continue on once he sets his mind to something, regardless of the danger to himself.
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